Business Development Associate – MSCCP

Business Development Associate – MSCCP

Exciting career opportunity with SCMEP, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving South Carolina’s manufacturing industry. SCMEP provides manufacturers with the tools, technologies, and hands-on expertise they need to succeed. We are growing and adding new members to our team of manufacturing professionals.


Basic Function:

Assist in the launch, development, and facilitation of SCMEP’s membership-based Manufacturers’ Supply Chain Connectivity Program (MSCCP). This role is responsible for the promotion, maintenance, and administration of the CONNEX Marketplace an online platform that connects U.S. manufacturers and suppliers into a single, accurate, searchable supply-chain database.

This role is responsible for the promotion of MSCCP to trade associations, industry groups, and manufacturers across South Carolina. Also, this role will be required to work in a team environment with internal staff, outside industry groups, state agencies and other SCMEP partners.

Responsibilities include:

  • Vet applications, supply information and support all matchmaking requests within the MSCCP. Provide training to participants, stakeholders, partners, and the SCMEP. As part of the vetting process, conduct site visits with the appropriate Regional Vice President and SC Dept. of Commerce Existing Industry Manager. Integrate supplier scouting opportunities identified through the national MEP network.
  • Administer MSCCP to ensure database migration and data integrity. Assist manufacturers with high-level system questions during set-up and ongoing use. Report to ensure client tracking is completed to maintain compliance with organization’s policies and procedures and the program’s goals and objectives.
  • Develop and coordinate virtual or in-person educational events around supply chain best practices. Work directly with industry service providers and stakeholders for supply chain recommendations. Identify gaps in manufacturing industry cluster and partner with industry services providers to fill such gaps.
  • Support the strategic marketing plan and promote MSCCP to drive increased membership. Coordinate partner marketing efforts. Conduct market research, prospecting, and manufacturing community outreach. Formalize an outreach plan with press releases, social media posts, and other promotional channels and activities to engage manufacturers’ interest in becoming members of MSCCP.
  • Create procedures and work instructions for the maintenance and management of MSCCP. Assist members of the MEP National Network with the integration of similar supply chain platforms into their organizations.
  • Assist Regional Vice Presidents with performing client assessments and conducting surveys.
  • Coordinate with Regional Vice Presidents to develop client proposals. Utilize CONNEX Marketplace to develop new leads/prospects for internal staff.
  • Assist with new product development and new product launch activities.
  • Maintain up-to-date job-related skills and knowledge by regularly attending professional development conferences, workshops, and educational events. Stay current on the latest manufacturing products and processes.
  • Participate in projects as identified and directed by members of management team.

Skills include:

  • Broad knowledge of manufacturing environments and supporting industries
  • Self-starting and self-motivating
  • Professional appearance and demeanor
  • Well organized, meets deadlines, responsive, and demonstrates a sense of urgency
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Good listening and critical thinking skills
  • Proficient computer skills for performing various tasks
  • Possess strong business acumen
  • Ability to follow operational procedures
  • Function as trusted advisor

Education, Training, and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, preferably in a technical or business discipline. Experience in manufacturing environments, preferably in supply chains, with a demonstrable record of increased responsibility and achievement. Must possess a continuous improvement mindset.

Must be willing to travel, when required, to attend networking events, conferences and other program-related activities.

SCMEP proposes to create a membership-based program that focuses on improving supply chain connectivity and supply chain best practices for South Carolina’s manufacturing community. The Manufacturers Supply Chain Connectivity Program (MSCCP) will feature the CONNEX marketplace tool. This tool is a platform that connects U.S. manufacturers, suppliers, primes, OEMs, sellers, and buyers into a single, accurate, searchable supply-chain database. CONNEX Marketplace helps mitigate supply chain risk with in-depth data visualization tools and blacklist verification. CONNEX Marketplace allows participants to easily identify alternate suppliers and improve supply chain diversity, resiliency, and strength.

Desired Outcomes

Successful launch, development, and facilitation of SCMEP’s MSCCP program that:

• Provides educational and training opportunities focused on manufacturing supply chain best practices

• Increases business opportunities at a state and national level for participating South Carolina manufacturers through the use of a supplier ecosystem connection platform.

• Provides a single manufacturing supply chain database for SC Dept. of Commerce, SC Manufacturers Alliance (SCMA), and SC Manufacturing Extension Partnership (SCMEP) that provides supply chain visibility, reporting capabilities, and facilitates the identification of supply chain gaps

• Increases the number of companies that SC Dept. of Commerce, SCMA, and SCMEP engage with on an annual basis


Salary range is $90,000 – $100,000, depending on experience.

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