Lean Transformation

Lean Transformation Program

Lean transformation is a long-term strategy focused on identifying waste in the manufacturing system and migrating Lean thinking into the culture. The program starts with an on-site assessment that reviews processes, financials, and interviews with key staff. This helps determine where potential waste opportunities lie. With a focus on generating ROI, Lean Transformation engagements typically require twelve months.

Three Primary Phases

  • Compass – creating direction and a foundation for success
  • Culture – engaging all levels of the organization
  • Process – identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing opportunities

Expected Outcomes

  • Plant culture shift to everyday use of Lean Manufacturing
  • Continuous improvement initiatives rolled out in areas indicated by waste and financial impact
  • Future state improvement opportunities quantified and tracked for results

At the end of the program, success will be measured in quantity of predicted waste removed, dollars saved, number of staff members able to lead Kaizen events, and number of employees who recognize waste as defined by Lean Manufacturing principles.

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