/ AdopTech: Cobot Welding Automation Adoption for Executives

AdopTech: Cobot Welding Automation Adoption for Executives

We are proud to partner with Next Level Consulting to share their decades of automation experience with South Carolina Manufacturers.

Discover True North and help your team position your business to improve, scale, and grow using cobot welding automation.

Course Objectives

This seminar is targeted to inform and align your leadership team around cobot welding automation strategies and help you discover the right direction for your company. Labor shortages and high turnover plague industries where welding is prevalent. Emerging cobot welding automation offers a different path to a brighter future.

Communicate the business of cobots, how advanced planning is the first step too making good automation decision, and how to move your organization forward in the right direction with confidence.

Lay the foundation for a “True North” mindset related to cobot welding automation adoption. Broad spread automation adoption requires a leadership team that is on the same page and understands both the investment (time, energy, money) and the expected returns. It also requires a high-level understanding of the company’s readiness in relation to the organization’s culture, knowledge, and technology adoption bias.

What’s Included

This is a fast paced 1-day seminar for executive teams. The day will consist of six sessions, each focused on a specific aspect of Cobot Welding Adoption:

  • The Business of Cobots: Understand how Cobot Welding Automation can gain you a competitive advantage and help you improve, scale, and grow your business.
  • Advanced Planning for Cobots: Planning is the first step in getting the big picture right. What’s involved? Who’s doing it? How big of an impact can you expect?
  • Understanding Cobots: Learn the basics of Cobot Welding Automation and the risks associated with differences in capabilities within this emerging technology.
  • Cobot Application Selection: Discuss the importance of assessing, categorizing, and prioritizing your welding applications to manage risk and ensure success with Cobot Welding Automation.
  • Cobot Deployment: Gain an understanding of how different deployment strategies and your Technology Adoption Bias can affect your return and business impact.
  • Organization & Infrastructure: Introducing cobot welding automation can affect each organizational department in different ways. Gain a general understanding of how and where.

Who Should Attend

  • CEO’s, CFO’s, CTO’s & COO’s
  • Executive Team Members
  • HR & IT Professionals
  • Plant Managers and Senior Plant Staff

$2,560 / Per Person

September 5, 2024 @ 9:00 am -
September 5 @ 4:00 pm


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