/ Hand and Power Tool Operations

Hand and Power Tool Operations

Registration deadline: 10/9/23

Course Outline – 80% Hands-On training:

This course is design to help technicians get a refresher of how to safely and effectively use the right tool for the job. It will also introduce new tools and methods to fix problems.

Lesson 1: Tool Safety

1.1 Explain the Concept of PPE
1.2 Identify different types of PPE
1.3 Identify the right tool for the job
1.4 Explain OSHA regulations

Lesson 2: Hand Tool Skills

2.1 Demonstrate cutting techniques
2.2 Demonstrate measuring techniques
2.3 Demonstrate threading pipe
2.4 Identify the Torque wrench and how to use it correctly
2.5 Demonstrate using a Pop rivet gun

Lesson 3: Power Tool Skills

3.1 Demonstrate Drilling techniques
3.2 Demonstrate Tapping
3.3 Demonstrate Countersink techniques
3.4 Identify the components and how to use a milling machine

Lesson 4: Precise Measuring

4.1 Explain motor alignment process
4.2 Demonstrate how to use a dial indicator
4.3 Demonstrate how to use calipers

$1,900 / Per Person

October 16, 2023 @ 8:00 am -
October 19 @ 4:00 pm


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