/ Improving Your Hiring Approach: A Workshop Series for HR Professionals & Hiring Managers

Improving Your Hiring Approach: A Workshop Series for HR Professionals & Hiring Managers

Have you experienced the frustration of being ‘ghosted’ by candidates during the hiring process, or found that their performance after being hired did not match their interview? In today’s competitive workforce, hiring can be an arduous task. The time invested in choosing the right candidates must yield positive results. So, how do you avoid hiring the wrong candidates, and what can you do differently during the interview process?

Join us for our five-part workshop series, with sessions held once a week for four hours. Our goal is to address common recruiting and hiring pitfalls. Whether you’re an HR professional or a hiring manager, these methodical strategies will provide valuable insights to help you evaluate and interview prospective candidates more effectively.

Session 1: Intentional Interviewing – March 20

  • The interview is a “quest for information,” full of twists and turns.
  • This session teaches repeatable methods to quantify and qualify candidates’ skills and abilities. Hire with confidence by adopting the interviewing techniques used by the world’s best headhunters. We give you the map AND the compass.

Session 2: Questioning Techniques – March 27

  • The best recruiters think and operate like detectives; they are always digging for the truth.
  • In this session, we empower you with the ability to navigate crucial conversations and get down to brass tacks. Leave no stone unturned!

Session 3: Red Flags – April 3

  • Everyone has intuition. Listen to it AND act on it!
  • Learn how to pinpoint relevant cues that will save your team a lot of time and frustration during the hiring process.

Session 4: Gauging Motivation – April 10

  • Everyone has a reason… but is it a good one?
  • We teach you how to sift through the fluff commonly shared by job seekers. Learn to accurately measure candidates’ decision-making abilities, both past and present.

Session 5: Qualifying Applicants – April 24

  • Companies hire people, not paper.
  • This session helps you assess candidates’ employment potential outside of the traditional resume screening.

$1,300 / Per Person

March 20, 2024 @ 9:30 am -
April 24 @ 2:00 pm


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