/ Motor Controls/Wiring

Motor Controls/Wiring

Registration deadline: 2/19/24

Course Outline – 80% Hands-On training:

This class is design to help technicians understand the basics of electricity and how energy is converted to perform work. It will also focus on 3-phase systems and how to read line-to-line and phase-to-phase voltage.

Lesson 1: Safety

1.1 Explain the safety PPE requirements when dealing with electricity
1.2 Identify different between amps, volts, and ohms
1.3 Explain OSHA regulations.
1.4 Demonstrate how to use a digital meter

Lesson 2: Wiring

2.1 Basic to Intermediate Control circuit wiring
2.2 Wire a DC Motor with speed control
2.3 Wire a single-phase motor with Load center

Lesson 3: Circuits, Switches and Relays

3.1 Wire a 3-phase motor
3.2 Demonstrate a Forward/Reversing circuit
3.3 Identify On/Off-Delay timing relays
3.4 Identify float, pressure, and selector switches

Lesson 4: Diagrams and Troubleshooting

4.1 Examine ladder logic diagrams
4.2 Troubleshoot wiring circuits

$1,900 / Per Person

February 26, 2024 @ 8:00 am -
February 29 @ 4:00 pm


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