SSMG Warehousing improves Sales and Marketing efforts with help from SCMEP




Company Overview

Located in Rowesville, South Carolina, SSMG Warehousing opened its doors in 2012. They strive to deliver quality, personal service, and versatile solutions to accommodate their client’s shipping, warehousing, distribution, and logistics requirements. Their mission is to responsibly provide the greatest value in the world to their customers through innovative, high quality service. In order to be successful, they rely on over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, distribution, and third party logistics while at the same time, staying committed to keeping up with the latest technology. As one of the only 3PL’s that completely understands and implements lean warehousing guidelines, SSMG is able to eliminate waste and reduce costs. SSMG is a comprehensive solution to supply chain, global and domestic transport, storage, and order fulfillment.


As a company formed in January of 2012, SSMG was looking for ways to increase awareness as they needed to gain a loyal customer base. Any manufacturer was a potential customer but importers seemed to be the best targets at that point. The company’s competitive advantages lie in its location with easy access to two major interstates, its ability to introduce product to major box stores, its expertise in logistics, and its competitive pricing model that offers custom solutions to companies of all sizes. SSMG needed a way to get their message out in a clear, concise way.


SSMG turned to SCMEP for a solution. SCMEP proposed to develop an informative, persuasive website that clearly conveys the advantages of doing business with SSMG and utilizing their warehouse and distribution services. Producing leads that resulted in new customers was also a primary objective. SCMEP provided a combination of technical experts, marketing consultants, and creative services to develop an online presence for the new business venture. The project progressed in the following phases: marketing planning sessions, website development, and website promotion. SCMEP also suggested purchasing a lead provider, utilizing a call center, automating monthly email campaigns, and implementing pay-per-click advertising.


The outcomes have been tremendous. SSMG now has an online presence which includes a video, blog, and the ability to request a quote. As a result of this project, SSMG saw $100,000 in new sales, 11 retained jobs, and $60,000 in cost savings.

“I would definitely recommend SCMEP for companies that need innovation, contacts, and assistance. SCMEP is very willing to help you innovate in all that you do. They are also willing to sit with you and help you determine next steps. It has been a tremendous partnership for us and whatever success we have had, a good portion of it is due to their leadership and assistance.” Jerry Wuenscher, President, SSMG Warehousing