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Champion Tooling & Machining Retains Sales, Employees With SCMEP Program

May 12, 2015

Laser Cutting at Champion Tooling & Machining
Laser Cutting at Champion Tooling & Machining

Champion Tooling & Machining in Anderson recently implemented SCMEP’s Sales & Marketing Boost program and realized outstanding results.  The machine shop specializing in stamping, punching, and laser cutting, sought to fill excess capacity on the machine shop floor. To expand into new markets with improved services, Champion turned to SCMEP for assistance.

SCMEP implemented the Sales & Marketing Boost over six modules, with each module designed to address a particular need in the overall sales and marketing plan. Marketing messaging helped determine Champion’s greatest strengths and how to capitalize on those strengths.  Market research and competitive analysis proved to complement the marketing messaging as Champion was able to set itself apart with better offerings.  New and improved communication tools, including a newly designed website as well as photography and video of the facility and capabilities, helped Champion refresh its brand and image.  Sales and customer service training ensured that the updated marketing messaging was aligned across all departments, particularly sales.  Lead generation created lead sources and set up a lead nurturing plan moving forward.  Finally, marketing measurement systems implementation created a way for Champion to monitor marketing activity going forward.

Learn more about Champion Tooling & Machining by visiting their website here.