Clean Advantage

Clean Advantage Increases Jobs and Sales Following SCMEP’s Competitiveness Review


Increased sales


Increased jobs


Cost savings

Company Overview

Clean Advantage, Inc., located in Greenville, South Carolina, is a privately women-owned S Corp established in 1992. Clean Advantage is a packaging solutions company with products focused on non-hazardous powders and liquids supporting a variety of industries. Although they still make and distribute products such as the concrete cleaner under their own Home Advantage Brand, the bulk of its business comes from producing and packaging private-label and house brand cleaning and specialty products for many well-known customers such as Milliken, BASF, Contec, Arm & Hammer, and Johns Mansville, among others. The company has approximately 29 employees.


Clean Advantage was looking for ways to improve their global competitiveness and productivity. At the time, only one client made up 60% of revenue. Many other smaller accounts were overlooked through the years. The economy was also sluggish. It was imperative that the company develop a strategic marketing plan and increase gross revenue.


Clean Advantage contacted SCMEP to conduct a Competitiveness Review, an on-site assessment of the operation with key staff. During this assessment, it was found that one company comprised of nearly 80% of all current sales and no formalized strategic marketing plan existed. It was apparent that the company had plenty of capacity to expand into additional markets or produce more of current products. Clean Advantage had to develop new, sustainable revenue streams to remain viable. The company completed the Sales and Marketing Boost Program, which provided a fast-paced approach to generate sales. The program consisted of six individual training modules: Planning & Messaging, Research & Target Customer Identification, Creating Effective Marketing Communication Tools, Salesforce Optimization, Lead Generation, and Enabling Continued Growth. After the completion of the program, marketing strategy and planning were improved, new marketing messages were created, lead generation was increased, and a more integrated business development system (CRM) was deployed.


Increased jobs – 2, Retained jobs – 2, Increased sales – $80,000, Retained sales – $80,000, Cost savings – $15,000, Increased/new investment – $218,000

“The services, marketing, and professionalism associated with the partnership has been outstanding. I would highly recommend the program to other companies that would be interested.”

Bill Whitworth, Director of Sales