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SCMEP Introduces New Series for Company Presidents and Owners

September 26, 2016

SCMEP provides a range of services specific to CEOs and Executives of manufacturing companies. Effective leadership of the executive is essential for manufacturers to grow and compete in the global economy. To compliment current programs for executives, we are offering a series of learning workshops called the C-Suite Series. With this additional service, SCMEP adds value to your entire team, from your front line supervisor all the way to your CEO, with a menu of choices you can customize for your organization.







Are you a CEO or Company Owner?

Join your peers at our C-Suite Series to learn about and discuss issues relevant for today’s manufacturing leaders. Network with other CEOs, top executives, and business owners from manufacturers in South Carolina. Take away practical tools you can use as an executive to increase your company’s competitiveness.

These sessions are designed specifically for company owners, Presidents, Board Members, and C level executives.

The Challenge of Change – October 20, 2016

Change is not easy, but is often necessary. How can you guide your company through implementing significant change effectively? Learn proven techniques to help you and your team rise to the challenge of successfully implementing significant change. Identify what you can do differently now, even if you are in the midst of a change effort.

What Are You Doing to Develop Your Organization’s Future Leaders? – November 17, 2016

Are you developing the person who can take your place, and perhaps even do a better job than you? If not, you are placing your company at risk, and diminishing your exit value. Come and learn tools for evaluating your next generation of leaders in your company. Learn techniques to identify talent, build their skills, and retain key people to reduce risk and increase the value of your company.

Metrics That Matter – January 26, 2017

Big data. Analytics. Business intelligence. Or not much data at all? Learn tools to identify your key company metrics, determine what you have now, and what is missing. Come away with a comprehensive understanding of how to identify the essential metrics, common methods for tracking, reporting, and using them for accountability and problem solving.

Good Ideas Aren’t Enough – March 16, 2017

Does your company come up with great initiatives, but fail to execute them well? You’re not alone. Learn the common pitfalls to avoid, and practices to employ to make consistent progress on executing key strategic initiatives.

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