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FREE Supply Chain Workshops in Columbia & Greenville

May 26, 2015

SCMEP is pleased to offer two Free Supply Chain Workshops in June in Columbia and Greenville.  The costs of these special events are covered in full by a national “Make it in America” grant to help manufacturers learn the necessity of a Risk Management plan and how to capture Total Cost in your supply chain.  Over 70 companies in South Carolina have attended these workshops, and the feedback has been tremendous.

Supply Chain Risk Management is the first of the two workshops offered. The Risk Management course objectives include an understanding of the significance of risk events, recognition of the necessity of a risk management strategy, creation of a risk impact analysis, learning to estimate the financial impact of a potential risk event, and incorporation of financial considerations within the Total Cost of Ownership Model.

The Risk Management workshop is ideal for Operations Managers, Financial Managers, Program Managers, and Supply Chain Managers.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the second of the free workshops offered in the Supply Chain series.  The TCO workshop objectives include an overview of TCO concepts, a contrast of the Piece-Part Variance method with TCO costing, an understanding of the importance of an effective TCO strategy, recognition of the differences between single organization and TCO decision making, demonstration of the TCO calculator, and implementation of results to analyze and make strategic sourcing decisions.

The TCO workshop is ideal for Financial Managers, Program Managers, and Supply Chain Managers and includes a Free TCO calculator valued at $1,000.

The Columbia Risk Management and Total Cost of Ownership Workshops are offered June 23rd and 24th at Flextronics, 1000 Technology Drive in West Columbia. To register for either of the Free Columbia workshops, call 864-288-5687, email, or visit

The Greenville Risk Management and Total Cost of Ownership workshops are offered June 25th and 26th at SCMEP’s Business Learning Center located at 37 Villa Road, Suite 500 in Greenville.  To register for the TCO workshop, call 864-288-5687, email, or visit

Both workshops begin at 9 am, end at 3 pm and include lunch.

For more information about the Supply Chain courses offered at SCMEP, visit the website at