Green Roof Outfitters

Green Roof Outfitters Increases and Retains Sales with help from SCMEP’s Design Engineering Services


Increased sales


Cost savings


New investment

Company Overview

Located in Charleston, South Carolina, Green Roof Outfitters is a total amenity space product provider, servicing all of U.S. and Canada. They are the world’s most comprehensive provider of green roofs and amenity decks. The company started over a decade ago from the humble beginnings of just a green roof manufacturer, and through expanding opportunities, key partnerships, and great customer relationships, they have grown into what they are today.


Green Roof Outfitters was looking for assistance with engineering drawings for a new thin design pedestal system. They needed an engineering resource that could design for function and manufacturability.


SCMEP was able to provide Design Engineering Services by rendering engineering drawings of a new pedestal base. Product Design Services to create 3D models and 3D drawings for the thin design pedestal system were also provided.


Increased jobs – 1
Increased sales – $18,000
Retained sales – $8,000
Cost savings – $200,000
New investment (plant or equipment) – $9,000
New investment (information systems or software) – $3,000
New investment (workforce practices/employee skills) – $2,500
New investment (other areas of business) – $6,000
New investment (new products/processes) – $4,000
Saved/avoided unnecessary investment – $65,000

“This is really a fantastic program! It has allowed us to grow and see things in a way we never would have been able to do on our own.”

Michael Whitfield, President