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Identifying New Technologies

June 20, 2016

Each year federal and state agencies associated with manufacturing issue reports on the need for manufacturers to adopt new technologies in order to stay globally competitive. Every business owner feels firsthand the need to find new and better ways of doing things. They can also usually point to age old nagging and persistent problems associated with their equipment, materials, and processes for which they have found work-arounds, or have simply learned to tolerate. SCMEP’s Technology Scouting program offers to find those needed technologies in order to give you a real competitive advantage.

Technology Scouting is a research consulting service in which SCMEP locates whatever new technology is needed. The protocol is simple and effective:

  1. Define the problem to be solved
  2. Scan the horizon for possible solutions
  3. Narrow the scope to one best solution
  4. Investigate implementation of the target solution
  5. Report on the findings

Some examples of Technology Scouting topics include: new tooling attachments, new methods for cleaning equipment, new materials that offer better performance, new chemicals that improve a process, and even new process protocols that reduce waste and cycle time. Also, SCMEP’s Competitiveness Review can be a great source for ideas.

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