International Knife & Saw

International Knife & Saw Creates New Investments Following SCMEP’s Environmental Compliance Assessment


New investment


Avoided unnecessary investment

Company Overview

International Knife and Saw (IKS), located in Florence, SC, is an American owned, privately held, manufacturer of high quality industrial machine knives and accessories. IKS industrial machine knives are industrial consumable items that are marketed throughout the world via multiple sales channels. Businesses who are end users of the products will install the blades on equipment specifically designed for converting materials such as paper, tissue, towel, metal, plastic and rubber into a finished product or a component of a finished product.


IKS was seeking assistance to review the company’s environmental compliance status.


SCMEP was able to provide an Environmental Health and Safety expert to perform a comprehensive environmental compliance audit. The scope of the project included a physical inspection of the facility, as well as a review of relevant documents for the purposes of determining EPA and SCDHEC compliance with applicable standards contained in the following: Hazardous Waste/RCRA, UST, SPCC, SWP3, and Clean Air Act.

The audit included a physical walk-through of the manufacturing facility, extending to portions of the exterior ground property, as necessary for evaluation of compliance. An opening conference was held with key managers to explain the purpose of the audit. A closing conference was held during the on-site inspection to review the observations, provide feedback for questions from the auditor, discuss findings and potential non-compliant issues, prioritize key items that warrant immediate attention, and explain the framework for the formal report.

The following activities were completed either on-site or off-site during the audit:

  • Review of available Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan
  • Review of available Air Emissions Construction/Operation Permit
  • Review of available Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Review of available environmental manifests for hazardous waste, universal waste, and other waste streams (recyclables, etc.)
  • Review of available SARA/EPCRA reports and forms
  • Review of air permit, documents, and records
  • A physical conditions assessment of the production areas of the plant for general industry related processes involving hazardous waste, hazardous substances, potential pollutants, etc.
  • A formal report documenting the process, compliance status of each item, compliance status of physical conditions at the time of the inspection and recommendations for corrective action as applicable


  • New investment (plant or equipment) – $2,500
  • New investment (workforce practices) – $2,500
  • New investment (new products/processes) – $3,000
  • Saved/avoided unnecessary investment – $5,000

“We really appreciate SCMEP’s help.”

Jim Ranson, VP of Strategic Resources, International Knife & Saw