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Do you know the impact of Ineffective Leadership?

June 28, 2017

A local HR Manager recently said to me: “People don’t work for companies, they work for people.” I agree – and these people are the reason why some companies cannot keep good employees. I saw the following Barna Group survey data in a SC Workforce Development presentation last month and it tells a sad tale.

Of individuals surveyed…

  • 25% reported that they feel their career progress is limited due to their boss’ poor leadership
  • 31% reported that their boss makes them feel controlled, manipulated or defensive
  • 32% reported that their supervisor lacks clear vision and direction
  • 33% reported that poor leadership at work is the most stressful part of the job
  • 62% reported that they would not follow their boss if their paycheck depended on it.

I have long believed that America is facing a leadership crisis. The good news is that it is a problem that can be solved. Companies spend more time, money, and effort training their manual workforce (and training their replacements) than they do training the folks in charge. It’s time to turn that around.

SCMEP, in partnership with Leadership Management International (LMI), is bringing excellent Leadership training to Rock Hill, SC. This training is behavior-changing. It’s an actual learn-and-do encounter where participants report back on how they are changing their daily activities and how the change is paying off for the company.

Isn’t it time your organization took a chance on effecting real change?

Effective Leadership Development: Effective leaders understand that people are the source of all progress and innovation and thus the key to business success. Titles given to leaders vary widely, but positions of leadership have one important common denominator: they all must depend upon the fundamental need to work with and through other people. Leadership is really about relationships. Individuals who participate in this class will learn to work more effectively with and through others to produce the most outstanding results, develop a productive and engaged team, and help people to develop and use more of their full potential.

When: 11 Bi-Weekly Wednesdays starting July 26th
Time: 10AM – 12PM
Where: York County Regional Chamber of Commerce, 116 E Main Street, Rock Hill
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Leadership and Productivity Development:  Personal productivity is the foundation of all effective leadership. It is only when one can optimize their own performance that they are truly able to increase the performance of others. The term productivity, captures the essence of this human pursuit of becoming better and performing better. Productivity, in fact, has earned recognition as the key to personal and business progress, success, and survival. Individuals who participate in this class will learn to manage themselves, their time, and their priorities to operate at maximum performance.

When: 10 Bi-Weekly Wednesdays starting August 9th
Time: 1PM – 3PM
Where: York County Regional Chamber of Commerce, 116 E Main Street, Rock Hill
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