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Lunch & Learns – Cybersecurity

October 1, 2018

Whether its of the Navy’s top secret Sea Dragon submarine program in June, Iran’s hacking of U.S. Aerospace companies, or Russia targeting Defense contractors, hackers are targeting the Department of Defense and its manufacturing supply chain like never before. These attacks are used as both an entry point into prime contractors’ systems to steal their secrets as well as to steal valuable intellectual property from U.S. manufacturers.

This is why the DoD has put for DFARS 252.204.7012 which requires all DoD contractors working with controlled unclassified information to implement cyber security controls as defined by NIST 800-171 or risk losing their DoD contracts. This DFAR requires the contractor to report a cyber security incident within 72 hours of the event. These DoD cyber security requirements were released last year but up until now were not being enforced. That is changing as of October, and many contractors are receiving updated demand letters from their primes, in part thanks to the high profile Navy Sea Dragon attack.

Is your business compliant? Are you able to detect when you are attacked? Ready to report? Do you want really want to risk losing your contract?

Join SCMEP and Cytellix for a lunch and learn to find out cost effective ways to become compliant and reduce your risk of successful attacks and hacks.

Upcoming events:

October 23 – SCMEP, Greenville, SC
October 25 – Lowcountry Graduate Center, North Charleston, SC
October 26 – SCMEP, Columbia, SC