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Manufacturing Leaders – Webinar March 9

March 1, 2016

NIST-MEPManufacturing Leaders: How to build the leadership bench you need to survive and thrive

In a dynamic business environment, an organization’s growth is limited only by the strength and quality of its leaders.

In our next SCMEP leadership webinar, executive coach and leadership development expert Ben Sands will share key insights on how to “manufacture” the leaders your organization needs to both survive and thrive.

During this action-oriented presentation, Ben will cover topics including:

  • How an intentional, deliberate leadership development far out-performs the “figure-it-out-as-you-go”/ “deep-end-of-the-pool” approach being used by many companies today.
  • Where to start, and with what employees, when it comes to building your next generation of leaders? (Spoiler alert: the answer may surprise you).
  • What are the specific core competencies that you must be building in and across your team? And what are the best approaches, resources and tools for developing those skills?
  • The #1 biggest mistake that CEOs and other senior leaders make when developing the next generation of leaders (and how you can avoid it).

In short, we believe that leaders are built, not born.

During this call we will illustrate a detailed, tactical, roadmap to help dramatically increase the leadership “readiness” of your organization – and improve it’s ability to respond to challenges, identify new opportunities and achieve growth and performance goals.

Note: All are welcome but this session will be geared towards CEOs and other senior organizational leaders.

When:  March 9, 2016 – 2 pm – 3 pm

Where:  Online at your convenient location – dial in information will be provided

Cost:  Absolutely FREE

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