Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing Boost

For an immediate boost in sales activity and revenue, SCMEP offers the Sales & Marketing Boost. This unique six-module program delivers tremendous value by establishing a strategic marketing plan, improving messaging impact, developing better sales and marketing tools, boost sales effectiveness, and generating high-potential leads. Sales & Marketing Boost is the only program designed and built by marketers, manufacturers, and engineers in order to maximize operational impact. Clients have reported incredible results including double digit web traffic, 4x lead flow, 75% increase in quotes, double new customers, and more than 25% increase in sales revenue.

SCMEP’s free Sales & Marketing Maturity Model is a self-guided assessment to benchmark your performance and identify opportunities for improvement. To download this model, please fill out the following information.

Sales Process Development

A sales process typically provides details regarding lead generation for the sales team, qualifying leads, demonstrating value by translating into VOC (voice of the customer), prospecting guidance (responding to objections), and delivery and customer support. Understanding how that process will flow establishes a foundation for the internal sales team to operate efficiently and effectively.

Solution Based Selling

Solution Selling addresses specific types of sales situations faced by sales professionals (prospecting, planning for better customer focused meetings/sales calls, selling commoditized or complex solutions, gaining access to power, selling the value of your solution, negotiation throughout the sales cycle, etc.). Learn how to ensure alignment at every stage of the sales cycle.