Workforce Development

Training Within Industry

TWI consists of fundamental tools that provide immediate results in reducing training time, improving processes, and building cooperation. While immediate results are crucial, the real power in TWI is the long-term benefit of creating a culture with respect, solid communication, and cooperation. These factors all play a part in contributing to the bottom line and success of an organization. TWI consists of three basic tools: Job Relations (JR), Job Instruction (JI), and Job Methods (JM).

Leadership Development

Leaders are asked to do more with fewer resources and societal norms are influencing the level of motivation in today’s workforce. Many organizations have completed years of extensive research to identify what successful leaders do to create high performance organizations. SCMEP’s Leadership Development programs address various learning styles and discuss the following areas: developing a high performance team culture, leadership essentials, communicating for results, developing a culture of engagement and motivation for others to achieve, delegating for empowerment and engagement, and managing conflict, among others. Programs include Leadership for Women, Understanding Social Styles, Five Behaviors of Effective Teams, Effective Leadership Development, Effective Personal Productivity, and Front Line Leadership.

Executive Training

Strategic Planning: SCMEP’s Strategic Planning services are designed to streamline the planning process and ensure smooth plan execution. For companies needing significant guidance and strategic thinking, to those who already know which key initiatives they need to pursue, SCMEP helps deliver a strategic plan that is transformational, motivating, and achievable.

Policy Deployment: SCMEP’s Policy Deployment programs ensure a company’s strategic plan does not simply collect dust. Policy Deployment provides the needed coordination and accountability to ensure corporate strategy is executed according to plan. Facilitators will provide the necessary foundational training, and will help manage policy deployment activity for the first few weeks to ensure learning and success.

Executive Coaching: Executives and business owners often lack a trustworthy and confidential source of advice. Many simply want a sounding board to test new ideas while others seek a mentor to help sort through the myriads of issues faced daily. SCMEP offers world-class executive coaching by experienced professionals who have also owned and run successful businesses. Each coach can also provide, if needed, an unbiased Executive 360 assessment with a personalized plan for improvement.

Family Business Advisor: This program assists in developing a well-integrated, comprehensive exit strategy for current leaders. It also helps determine the current and desired future value of the business to maximize investment, develop succession plans, and design a plan to move forward. With effective planning, both can thrive through the inevitable changes that impact every small business.

How Do You Stack Up?

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