Palmetto Gourmet Foods

Palmetto Gourmet Foods Creates New Investments and Increases Jobs Following SCMEP’s Human Resource Services


New investment


Increased jobs


Retained jobs

Company Overview

Palmetto Gourmet Foods, located in Saluda, South Carolina, is one of the fastest-growing food companies in the U.S. and is the first American producer of innovative sustainable, plant-based ramen noodles. Their expandable 165,500 square foot food grade facility is one of the largest noodle production plants in North America.


The company needed a functional HR Department and HR Manager. There were many issues with inconsistent training and language barriers so there needed to be a standardization of OJT training.


SCMEP was able to provide on-site and remote HR administration and consultation. Objectives throughout the project included:

  • An emphasis on recruiting and identifying qualified HR Manager candidates immediately
  • Identifying an EEOC compliant skills assessment to assist recruiting processes in better identifying individuals capable of available jobs
  • Identifying vendors of automated options for the application and onboarding processes and present to management for implementation
  • Identifying workforce partners, programs, and financial incentives available through SCMEP and the State of South Carolina to recruit and retain the company’s future workforce
  • Set up PGF jobs on the SC State Jobs Database as another free mechanism to post jobs to a wider audience
  • Locate potential funding for workforce expansion through ReadySC and new equipment lines through Enterprise Zone and negotiate and implement those programs/incentives
  • Supervisory Training and Soft Skills Training identified as needed for existing employees
  • Standardization of OJT training


  • New investment (plant or equipment) – $6,000,000
  • New investment (information systems or software) – $100,000
  • New investment (new products/processes) – $100,000
  • Increased jobs – 73
  • Retained jobs – 25

“The professional approach provided by SCMEP was timely. We did not have a functional HR Department and they provided the framework and assisted in recruiting for our HR Department.”

John Fox, EVP, Operations, Palmetto Gourmet Foods