Robert Thomas Iron Design

Robert Thomas Iron Design Increases Sales, Jobs, and New Investments with Help from SCMEP’s Branding and Marketing Services


Increased sales


Retained sales


New investment

Company Overview

Robert Thomas Iron Design (RTID) was founded in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2013, by Robert Thomas. Robert’s studies took him around the world where he would train under several renowned artists and Robert himself would receive several awards in blacksmithing. He moved to Charleston in 2013 launching Robert Thomas Iron Design. The company would quickly obtain a reputation for design and workmanship of forged architectural design. Today RTID works on projects throughout the country.


Robert Thomas Iron Design wanted to take on the challenge of diversifying their product offerings and move towards a more discreet manufacturing process. Their custom design and work would continue as normal. They wished to go through a complete rebranding process to better market to specialty design.


SCMEP was able to provide a subject matter expert to coach and mentor the company on its journey to a more discreet manufacturing process. The project focus was on brand architecture which included Manifesto, Brand Essence, Brand Personality, Brand Pillars, and Unique Points of Difference. The company’s logo and brand were also evaluated in which a new logo was created for Forged. This process is when you actually manipulate the material and create the design. The company wants the viewer to see that the metal was moved and shaped by hand – not machines. This consisted of the primary logo/logotype, secondary logos, color palettes and style guides (brand book), stationery design, cards, letterhead, envelopes, and stickers.


  • Increased sales – $150,000
  • Retained sales – $100,000
  • New investment (information systems or software) – $5,000
  • New investment (workforce practices) – $5,000
  • New investment (new products/processes) – $25,000
  • New investment (other areas of business) – $15,000
  • Saved/avoided unnecessary investment – $10,000
  • Increased jobs – 1

“SCMEP was a great resource in helping us identify and prioritize projects we needed help with. They made the process of putting the project together really simple and they are great advisors as always!”

Robert Thomas, CEO, Robert Thomas Iron Design