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SCMEP and Piedmont Technical College: A Partnership that Makes a Difference

June 19, 2014

Piedmont Technical College (PTC) has long served as a cornerstone of education and development for its students and local businesses. Over the years, PTC has forged a dynamic partnership with SCMEP. By teaming up, PTC and SCMEP have emerged as a critical resource to companies throughout Greenwood, Abbeville, McCormick, Edgefield, Saluda, Newberry, and Laurens County.

Piedmont Technical College

Together, PTC and SCMEP have developed specifically tailored training events that are proven to make a difference for manufacturing companies and industries beyond. Some notable events include a “Marketing 101” Lunch & Learn and “Intro to Training Within Industry (TWI)” Lunch & Learn. By providing a comfortable and welcoming environment, PTC and SCMEP are able to help attendants optimize their learning experiences and create immediate impacts on their performance and skill sets.

PTC and SCMEP have also joined forces to offer key certification courses to local businesses, like ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor Training. Such certifications are an integral part of a company’s success, making access to this kind of resource paramount. Other certification opportunities offered by PTC and SCMEP have been Lean Sigma Yellow Belt certification and a unique ISO 9001/14001 combination certification course.

A Boeing Plane built right here in South Carolina

A goal of this innovative partnership has always been to provide relevant, timely, and strategic training to the diverse workforce throughout the area. That is why PTC and SCMEP create original training events for attendants, such as a workshop about doing business with Boeing. These workshops are also interactive and hands-on by design, using simulations and exercises as seen in PTC and SCMEP’s Lean 101 course. The combination of expert instruction and pertinent learning objectives makes these workshops an invaluable tool for any business.

Andy Carr, Regional Vice President of SCMEP
Andy Carr, Regional Vice President of SCMEP

Instrumental in expanding the educational reach of PTC and SCMEP’s partnership is Andy Carr, Regional Vice President of SCMEP. Mr. Carr has worked for SCMEP for 16 years and has previously served as a logistics engineer, systems engineering consultant, and cell leader. He has gained nearly 25 years of manufacturing experience, with a specialty in automotive components. Mr. Carr is also NIST MEP certified as a Lean Trainer and Professional Business Advisor. His contributions have made a significant difference in the joint effort to serve local businesses.

PTC and SCMEP have helped companies find great success by delivering continuous improvement methodologies that enhance operations, sharpen workforce development, facilitate ISO implementation, and create viable financial solutions. PTC and SCMEP have built a partnership that empowers the businesses of today to become the industry leaders of tomorrow.