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SCMEP Customer and Market Diversification

May 23, 2017






Feeling the pain of having too few customers?  Experiencing fewer orders, lower profits, and tightening requirements?

Many small and medium sized companies have placed big bets on a few big customers. If your largest customer accounts for more than 10% of revenue, you have what is called high customer concentration, and your business may be at risk.

Let SCMEP help your company find new customers and increased revenue through our Sales and Marketing Boost Program.

This fast-paced, results-oriented program has helped 100+ companies in SC diversify their customer base, increase leads, and boost profits in as few as 8 weeks.

The Sales and Marketing Boost consists of 6 training and consulting modules; each streamlined for maximum impact and minimal cost:







If you are in need of customer and market diversification, contact us for more information.

“I would definitely recommend SCMEP for companies looking to innovate and acquire contacts. SCMEP is very willing to help throughout every stage and has been a tremendous partnership for us.” Jerry Wuenscher, President, SSMG Warehousing & Distribution