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SCMEP Employees Complete Social Style for Sales Professionals

July 26, 2016

SCMEP Sales Social Styles - 07.19.16 - 008 - Moore, Kuney, Adam, Woods
Left to right: Tony Moore, Brian Kuney, Dana Adams, & David Woods

Several SCMEP employees recently completed the Social Style for Sales Professionals Workshop in Columbia.

This program assisted employees with identifying the SOCIAL STYLE of their customers, how their style interacts with their customer’s style, and the ABC’s of supporting their customer’s style need. The application of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility concepts and techniques will help them throughout the sales process to more effectively plan, prepare, and generate greater sales results.

Social Style training gives us a better understanding of ourselves and of others. We learn about the four styles (Amiable, Analytical, Expressive and Driving) and form ‘Ah Ha’ moments as we learn things about ourselves that we may have never recognized in the past. In addition, you also learn to pick up on behavioral cues from others giving you the most comprehensive understanding of how to best interact with them. This is known as having high Versatility. The Social Style training will help you improve sales by giving your sales people the tools to understand themselves and how they can appeal to others.

To learn more about this course for your business, please contact us.