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March 7, 2016

scmep_graphThe South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (SCMEP) has released their annual report numbers, resulting in a statewide impact of $1.038 billion dollars.

All companies that engage in projects with SCMEP are surveyed to demonstrate both quantitative and qualitative impacts on how the organization helps manufactures improve their performance and achieve their goals. This impact is measured quarterly, and reported annually, in terms of dollars earned, saved and invested.

SCMEP’s client companies are surveyed by NIST through an independent third party organization. Obtaining this objective data ensures that SCMEP stays on-target in working to help small and mid-size South Carolina businesses enhance their global competitiveness by driving top-line growth, improving productivity, and developing their organizations’ capabilities.

In 2015, in addition to impacting SC by over one billion dollars, SCMEP worked with 297 companies, completed 524 projects, and created and retained 2,527 jobs. Please view SCMEP’s Impact Report Numbers Below:

  • 2015 Statewide Impact = $1.038 Billion
  • Worked with 297 companies
  • 226 companies attended open enrollment training
  • 524 completed projects
  • New Sales – $74.3 Million
  • New Investment – $186.2 Million
  • Cost Savings – $57.8 Million
  • Retained Sales – $720.1 Million
  • Manufacturers Served – 297
  • Jobs Created – 633
  • Jobs Retained – 1,894