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Team Manager Development Center

Since 1990, organizations around the world have used the Team Manager Development Center (TMDC) to provide their employees with individualized, objective assessments and development counseling in 12 critical leadership competencies. Participants live the life of a Team Manager in this highly interactive, personalized, simulation-based program as two highly skilled coaches observe their performance and provide feedback.

Program Objectives

  • Learn the expectations and standards to be a successful Team Manager.
  • Participate in simulation-based learning activities such as group meetings, one-on-one interactions, in-box assignments, interruptions, and role-playing.
  • Personally reflect and analyze own strengths and areas for development with the help of a personal coach.
  • Receive objective, third-party feedback of leadership abilities based on 12 Competencies and receive results of the NEO-PI-R personality assessment.
  • Create individual development plans focusing on strengths and areas needing development, all tied to back-home work requirements.
  • Receive a Leadership Development Profile and “Tips & Techniques” booklet.
  • Participate in a follow-up conference with participant, manager, and TMDC coach.

Program Format

This intensive program includes two days in a full simulation of a fictitious, but realistic, organization. Six participants function as Team Managers within that setting and are given information about the business, its product and its organization. Participants proceed through a series of planned and unexpected events that feel a lot like REAL LIFE! The second day begins with individual coaching and feedback on participants’ performance, including participants’ own reflections, so they will have an opportunity to use new learning and refine their skills as the simulation continues. On the third day, participants receive extensive personal coaching and guidance in writing a specific Plan of Development based on the areas identified during the TMDC as needing development. Shortly after the TMDC, a Leadership Development Profile is sent to the participant and a follow¬≠-up session is encouraged among the participant, his or her manager, and the TMDC coach.

$2,300 / Per Person

August 20, 2024 @ 8:00 am -
August 22 @ 5:00 pm


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