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The Big Picture – by Guest Blogger Dave Oxendine

May 28, 2015

It is always unfortunate and confusing to receive a termination notice on a contract for long term customers. The initial blame goes to the economy for taking business away, but sometimes other businesses offer the same product at either better prices, or with better customer service.

Businesses often forget about the “big picture” and its importance in sustaining the life of companies and employees. Daily tasks are necessary for businesses to function properly, but so is the reason for businesses’ operation and the customers that are serviced. The following questions are good references for making sure that your business is still providing the necessary services.

  • What made the customer hire you for service?
  • How do you now fit in with their business model?
    • Are you still providing quality service?
  • Did your price or product change?
    • Are you still valuable to the customer?
  • Can customers get the same product or service elsewhere?
    • At a better price or with better customer service?

Both customers and businesses’ have needs that may change over time. These must be evaluated every so often to make sure your solutions are still relevant to them. Waiting for strained relationships, or an ultimate end to working with a client, should not be the trigger. Remain active in showcasing the business, your skills, and reminding them there was a reason they selected you as their provider. Most fixes are small, but do not let the big problems bring you down or allow for subpar service and relationships.

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