Industry 4.0 Assessment

Discover the Potential of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

SCMEP’s Industry 4.0 Assessment helps your company analyze operations and review the potential of advanced manufacturing technologies to establish a competitive advantage. The assessment consists of 40 questions designed to review your company’s current level of adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies. SCMEP’s assessment will provide an independent weighted perspective and, where appropriate, identify the technologies that will have the most impact on your firm’s performance.

Best Practices

Small and mid-sized manufacturers that utilize the 9 Pillars of Industry 4.0 to pursue world-class standards typically outperform their rivals and rise to the top of their markets. SCMEP’s Industry 4.0 Assessment will focus on these advanced manufacturing technologies:

Digital Twins/Simulation

Horizontal/Vertical Software Integration

Industrial Internet/Sensors


Cloud/IT Data Processing/Storage

Additive Manufacturing

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Robots/Collaborative Robots (Cobots)/Automation

Big Data & Analytics/Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

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