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Training Within Industry: Tried & True from WWII

June 1, 2023

A mass exit of the tenured workforce. An influx of inexperienced new hires. An unyielding demand for production and throughput. Sound familiar?

The same stresses experienced by today’s manufacturing industry are reminiscent of those experienced by domestic manufacturers during World War II. In spite of all the challenges they faced during that time, the Allies still outproduced the enemy and won the war. What was their secret ‘weapon?’ Training Within Industry (TWI).

The same methodology that was established and road-tested during the war still lives on as a steadfast and reliable knowledge transfer tool that expedites proficiency without sacrificing performance. During this episode, we revisit an interview I conducted with our SCMEP Process Improvement Coach, Susan Whitehead, who facilitates Training Within Industry for manufacturers in South Carolina.

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Since it was established many years ago by the US Dept of Labor, there are lots of open source content available to learn more about the history of TWI and how it has evolved over the years.