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Upcoming Events: Greenville Executive Peer Council

June 6, 2016

The Greenville Executive Peer Council is excited to announce upcoming events. To find out more about the Executive Peer Council, visit our website at

Date: 6/14/16, 12pm

Title: Age and the Workplace

Overview: The world’s population is growing older, taking us into uncharted demographic waters. By 2050, over one-fifth of the US population will be 65 or older, up from the current figure of one-seventh. The number of centenarians worldwide will double by 2023 and double again by 2035. Projections suggest life expectancy will surpass 100 in some industrialized countries by the second half of this century — roughly triple the lifespan that prevailed worldwide throughout most of human history.

Business has been slow to plan for population aging, but delay won’t be an option for much longer. Unemployment is decreasing and labor markets are tightening. We will talk about how to respond to these changes and how that response is critical to business success. Including business practices, training (both hard and soft skills), benefits, etc.

Speaker(s): Shellie Haroski, Senior Consultant, Find Great People

Date: 7/12/16, 12pm

Title: Manufacturing Leaders: How to build the leadership bench you need to survive and thrive

Overview: In a dynamic business environment, an organization’s growth is limited only by the strength and quality of its leaders. During this action-oriented workshop, the following topics include:

  • How intentional, deliberate leadership development far out-performs the “figure-it-out-as-you-go”/ “deep-end-of-the-pool” approach being used by many companies today
  • Where to start, and with what employees, when it comes to building your next generation of leaders?
  • What are the specific core competencies that you must be building in and across your team? And what are the best approaches, resources and tools for developing those skills?
  • The #1 biggest mistake that CEOs and other senior leaders make when developing the next generation of leaders (and how you can avoid it)

Speaker(s): Ben Sands, CEO, Sands Leadership

Date: 8/9/16, 12pm

Title: Gear Up: Building a Better Brand

Overview: Gearing up means getting ready. But how do you get your business ready for success? Are you communicating your message effectively to customers? Is your business perceived in a positive light? Do your sales team members have the necessary marketing tools? This seminar will discuss the benefits and importance branding and advertising holds for your business and how it can help you increase sales.

Speaker(s): Marie Blough, President & CCO, Redhype, Cara Sinicropi, Brand Strategist, Redhype