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Value Engineering Lite: Boost the Profitability & Performance of Your Products

July 20, 2016

Every manufacturer has those products which perform poorly. You can most likely point to the ones in your own organization. High manufacturing costs, high failure rates, low market acceptance, and low selling prices are all indicators of poor performers. Fortunately, SCMEP’s Value Engineering Lite can help you solve most of these problems in a relatively short time span, whether the product is already on the market, or still just a concept.

Value Engineering is best accomplished in a cross-functional team including Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Quality, and Safety. Each product is sequentially separated into subsystems and then into individual components, which are evaluated for their primary and secondary functions. The value of each part is boosted by considering those factors which are critical to cost and quality. Output of the Value Engineering exercise is a prioritized list of design changes that will lead to improved product performance and profitability. SCMEP makes the activity lite by focusing only on those elements that warrant closer scrutiny. Most Value Engineering programs last between 2 and 4 days depending on system complexity.

To learn more about this program, SCMEP and Falcon Fastening are hosting a one-day Value Engineering Fundamentals seminar on September 22nd in Greenville. Register by visiting the course page.