/ Root Cause Identification: 5 Whys Analysis

Root Cause Identification: 5 Whys Analysis

Learn the 3 Level 5 Whys analysis Tool that helps teams identify and address real causes to real problems. This version of the 5 Whys analysis approach takes this basic tool and enhances it with additional levels of focus. Learn how to identify problem drivers and verify your thinking through the use of logic chains and Gemba visits. The first level analysis answers questions about how the specific problem condition happened, how the condition was produced, and how the problem occurred. The second level analysis answers the questions of why the problem wasn’t detected and how did the controls fail. The third level analysis answers the question of what the systemic root cause is and identifies why the possibility existed for this situation to occur.

With a deeper understanding of the problem and its causes, an action plan is developed to address the situation with assigned responsibilities. A specific template is used to work through each analysis level and to track follow-up actions to completion. To maximize effectiveness of this tool, the swarming approach to tool execution is also covered, highlighting how to best use this tool in a team setting.

Concepts covered during this session include:

  • understanding a “quick fix” reaction compared to a root cause determination
  • the importance of effective problem descriptions
  • how to apply the “logic chain” thought process to your assumptions
  • working in teams to solve problems

In addition to the instruction concerning the 3 Level 5 Whys analysis tool, other Quality Tools and concepts used, covered, or mentioned during this session include action plans, brainstorming, affinity, operational definitions, Gemba walks, multi-voting, resource matrix, process mapping, and metrics.

$300 / Per Person

November 4, 2024 @ 9:30 am -
November 4 @ 4:30 pm

Georgetown Center for Advanced Manufacturing

4003 S. Fraser St. Georgetown, SC 29440


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